For $5/week we offer crutch and cane rentals.

***minimum 1 week for rental services***

Crutch and Cane Rentals Available Here!

Orders filled immediately, and all insurance plans accepted. 


Medical Reviews 
Our pharmacist will review all of your medications with you one-on-one. This is highly recommended if you are on three medications or more, or if you are dealing with chronic conditions. 


Injections and Vaccines 
No appointments necessary. Injections and vaccines any day. 

About Our Pharmacy 

IDA pharmacy in Lacombe ... Proudly serving our patients and community ..

Our pharmacy is a new pharmacy in Lacombe located conveniently in between Family Medical Associates and Lacombe Dental. Patient care is a main priority, this is why we have fast prescription filling times, acceptance of all insurance plans and medical reviews done by our experienced pharmacists.



What We Offer